Born of Necessity

The problem with a lot of dogs, is we don’t have enough arms to pet them at the same time.

There was a time I found myself with a dozen, smelly dogs that wanted to live in the house with me. Beware anyone who is lucky enough to live the dream of a life on the ranch. Word gets out that some city folk have moved up and before long you end up with a lot of dogs.

At the same time, I had been asked to start my own line of beauty products called War Paint. Good name, don’t you think?

No, more like this.

In the process of working with the lab to create just the right shade of pink…but not really pink, pink know what I mean?

I pleaded with my brilliant chemists to make me something to keep my dogs clean.

Yep. That’s fresh cow manure on our Beaded Collie’s beard.

My problems:

Bath day was a huge production and took on the unpleasant atmosphere of an automated carwash. I needed a dog shampoo that cleans well but rinses easily and quickly.

With 3 Bearded Collies, 1 Borzoi, 1 Giant Schnauzer, 3 long haired Mutts with mixed coat properties and 1 Irish Wolfhound; I felt like the torturer from the dungeon on bath day. Pulling and tugging, cutting and shaving all the tangles and mats in their fur. "Please make me a shampoo and conditioner that starts the detangling process during bathing."

All the dog shampoos I tried, felt more like harsh household detergents. "If they are killing my own hands - what must they be doing to my dog’s skin and coat?" I really think they were contributing to the skin problems some of my dogs had.

The face. Most shampoos say to wipe the dogs face with a sponge dampened with clear water. Seriously? Not good enough for my pack. I needed to get in there and deep-clean.

And then there’s the smell - what can be done about the smell? I burn candles all day

and my house still smells like a kennel.

Although it ended up taking three years of testing on dogs and people, we came up with Bo Derek Pet Care shampoos and conditioners containing exotic botanicals that are quick and easy to use.

Just a fraction of some of the sample formulations we tried on bath day.

et voilá

Incredible Shampoo and Conditioner for your Dog!

Get this - our Bo Derek Pet Care Shampoo is Anionic! Anionic? It's a negatively charged ion. This electrostatic Anionic charge enhances the shampoo's ability to cleanse and release surface debris.

And our Bo Derek Pet Care Conditioner is the bomb! After years of grooming my Andalusian horses with their abundant manes and tails, I’ve become quite expert at detangling.

...and Miss Scarlett can be a knotty challenge.

Our rich conditioning treatment is designed to be Cationic, Catiaonic? This means that the formulation is a positively charged ion. The natural conditioners and botanical enhancers are chemically attracted and adhere to the hair shaft which gives you maximum sheen and softness.

Our Bo Derek Pet Care Tearless Face Wash is a must-have because you can scrub away tear stains, slobber and dog food (not to mention whatever she might have rolled in) without the worry of hurting her eyes. This is also great for puppies!

After all the face is where we spend the most time. #FaceInFur

And to further separate Bo Derek Pet Care from the competition, our patented* signature fragrance removes existing malodors, even wet-dog smell and imparts a clean, healthy fragrance to the hair shaft that resonates weeks after use. Its brilliant!

My dear partners in War Paint, soon realized that my “side” project was where my heart was and offered to restructure our deal to move the business from human products to canine...and that is how Bo Derek Pet Care was born.

Bo Derek Pet Care products make the coat so soft you can’t keep your hands off your dog, which when you think about it, is a win-win for both of you.

*Neutriff Patent number 6,495,097

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