and the winner is...Fen!

The bigger the better for some dog lovers. And every, single giant dog I’ve ever known has been extremely sweet and gentle with people.

Fen's person says:

Once a Leonberger enters your life you will never be the same. Alarm clocks for example are not needed in my house because my leonberger Fen wakes me at 5:30 am. Fen jumps on my bed all 125 lbs every morning till I wake up.

Fen also never leaves my side, he watches when I leave for work and waits for me tilI I come home.

Fen's favorite activities include long walks on the beach and car rides for ice cream and playing in the snow.

I love to learn the history of dog breeds and my go-to is always the American Kennel Club here:

Unique among the big guys of the AKC Working Group, Leos were developed first and foremost as companions. The breed was the brainchild of Heinrich Essig, a 19th-century politician and entrepreneur of Leonberg, Germany. Utilizing Saint Bernards and Newfoundlands, among other large working breeds, Essig’s goal was to breed a majestic pet for European royalty—truly a dog fit for a king.

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