and the winner is...Comet!

If you ever had a terrier, you know that size doesn't matter. These are fearless dogs! In fact, I think the smaller, the braver. These feisty, intelligent dogs have a way of touching your soul like no other.

Comet's person says: "I will never get tired of introducing people to my soul dog. He is my heart, my life, and my number one dude in a fur coat...Comet!

Comet has an ego that bursts through the door before him. When he got attacked by a coyote, he stood his ground, and with his owner's help, fought it off. Then he just shook it off, put his tail up and walked away.

I can't tell enough about the impact that Comet has in my life each day. I'm Bipolar, and he is my only medicine. He is also well-loved by the people in our small beach town. He has a way of making people laugh.

I was feeling emotional while writing this. I turned to look at Comet and saw how the years have changed him. He's gray where he used to be black. He sleeps more. If possible, I love him even more. Is there anything sweeter than an older pup? "

Nope, there's nothing sweeter than an older pup.

Comet's adventures and giant heart reminds me of my angel West Highland White Terrier named Gunn.

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