and the winner is...Sandy!

What a poser!

We're crazy about this beautiful girl and how about those pretty, orangey, Fu Manchu beard wisps?

Sandy's person tells her story best;

"On New Year's morning, January 1st of 2011, I went to check the mail and a little, crazy, red & white dog, at full speed, ran up to me so happy like she'd known me forever. Quickly I told her, 'No way are you coming to my house!' She was about 6 months old and at the time I lived a nice quiet life alone with two elderly Siberian Huskies - no room for a spastic puppy!

Reluctantly, as all of us furry lovers would do, I took her home. I tried to find her owners, called the local pounds, checked the papers, but nothing.

She minded well, got along with my huskies, only chewed up one hot tub cover and some wooded railings on the deck, yet I was determined she wasn't meant to be with me…. then it happened. In less than 3 months both my elderly Siberian Huskies passed away. One from an unknown cancer, the other from old age and I was left with this little furry blessing who had become known as Sandy.

Sandy has never left my side, she minds wonderfully. I say she’s part billy-goat because she likes to climb on things. She's always on the lookout for fun and adventure and is the happiest dog I've ever seen.

So if a crazy puppy comes running to you like they've known you forever, they may know better than you where they are meant to be.

The Lord knows what a single girl needs and it's often a furry blessing. Amen"

Amen and Happy New Year from all of us.

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