Talking shit

about dog shit

I applaud whomever came up with the idea to offer, free to the public, poop bags at parks. After all we want to encourage dog owners to pick up after their pooch.

But that’s a lot of plastic bags. Plastic bags that might end up in the ocean. Plastic bags that when floating on the North-East Monsoon Current look very much like squid and could end up in the belly of a whale. When a whale consumes enough plastic bags it dies. National Geographic says, A WHOPPING 91% OF PLASTIC ISN'T RECYCLED.

When I take my three German Shepherd Dogs for a day at the beach, that's 6 to 9 poop bags alone.

The lightbulb went off for us after eating a delicious #14 at Jersey Mike's Subs and realized that those big paper sandwich wrappers would be a perfect biodegrad answer to our poop problem.

After a quick search on Amazon I found these Marcal Deli Wrap Interfolded Wax Paper/Dry Waxed Food Liner JUmbo Size 15" x 10¾" in box of 500! By the way, these sheets have replaced plastic use in my home in countless ways.

My faithful assistant demonstrates the proper usage of the Deli Wrap Poop Bag

Plastic Poop Bag: No!

Compostable Deli Paper: Yes!

And the world is a better place.

Anybody out there have another idea? Please share with me here.

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