and the winner is...Summer!

Although Summer is officially behind us, this girl is year-round joy.

I love her expressive, fly-away ears!

It wouldn't be possible to tell Summer's story without telling Schwartz's. I'll let Summer's person tell you why...

"My little guy Schwartz is a 15 yr old mixed terrier (I think). His story began in Montana where he was brought to a dog pound after a passing motorist saw him running down a highway with a long leash attached. It was rumored he was the little dog that was tied up and mistreated at the local junkyard.

Instead of returning him they thought it best to find him a good home. My niece adopted him and he lived a good life for two years on her 20 acre ranch with her herding dogs and horses. However Schwartz thinks he’s a lot bigger than he actually is and had several encounters with either a wild animal or another dog and was badly injured a few times. The last time he was gone for 2 nights and my niece awoke early one morning and found him lying on the porch ripped to shreds. He somehow managed to make it home in that condition. The vet sewed him back together but said he probably wouldn’t make it, although he did.

I just happened to be out there visiting from FL and long story short, he came to live with me and my border collie Monty. I guess the ranch life wasn’t for him.

Since then Schwartz has had an amazing life. We’ve hiked the White mountains in NH, Blue Ridge Mts in NC, swam in rivers and oceans and now lives in Southern California. At 15 he still hikes every week although he ends up being carried by my boyfriend up the big hills. He’s such a trooper! And tough as nails, still has the energy of a puppy. Every time I walk in the door he grabs his toy and runs around the room, I guess he’s showing off. He wags his tail nonstop and sleeps next to me on his pillow every night snoring like a drunken sailor. I can’t imagine life with out him!

My miniature Australian shepherd “Summer”

Her story is much shorter as she’s only two. After my border collie had to be put down, Schwartz went into a depression and wouldn’t come out from under the bed. They were always together and loved each other so much! I was so sad I thought I’d wait a long time before getting another dog. However my niece knew what we needed and got me Summer.

I couldn’t refuse when I saw that face. She mended both our broken hearts and brought Schwartz back to life. She drove him crazy when she was a puppy but now they’re inseparable. She’s the sweetest most sensitive dog I’ve ever known. She literally smiles at me when I say her name and loves to give kisses! And she’s scary smart! She can read my mind."

Thank you for sharing Summer and Schwartz with us.

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