And the winner is...Pixel!

I had intended to include research to help tell Pixel’s story but I admit I couldn’t spend more than a few minutes on Google learning about the dog-meat trade, so I will let Pixel’s person tell you her story of survival and love.

Pixel was born on the streets in Thailand and spent her puppyhood and adolescence living amongst the hubbub of a small village, eating whatever she could scavenge and hanging out with shopkeepers (as many dogs there do). At some point after she was fully grown (I'm not sure on her age), she was caught and loaded into a tiny crush crate on a truck with 100-200 other dogs. A tarp was thrown over the truck as it was attempting to make it to the meat market, but local authorities caught and stopped them. She was sent to a livestock holding facility, where a few thousand dogs go after they've been pulled off trucks, but many don’t survive the illnesses and fights that are rampant there. Her picture made it to a sanctuary in Thailand, who came and picked her up before anything bad happened to her. From the sanctuary, she was sent to Chicago to find me and her forever home.

She's been a difficult dog - very relaxed around the house, but fearful towards dogs and some people. Training her and building her confidence has been a learning journey for both of us, but now she's my training partner at work (I'm a dog trainer), adventure pal, and snuggle bug at home.

She greets me with howling WOOOOS when I come home and when she wants to tell me something, and knows around 60 or so tricks and other behaviors. She loves hot dogs, chasing squirrels, hiking, agility, and sunbathing in the yard.

Thank you for sharing Pixel with us and for giving her such a happy life.

Aren't these pics beautiful? Pixel's person is also an excellent professional photographer. I'm following them on And if you're thinking that you would like some photos like this of your dog...go here

The dog-meat trade is a tragedy - maybe Pixel’s story will inspire you to help. ElfesWorld Thailand is the organization that saved her.

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