And the winner is...Angelina!

Do you know why the nose of the bull dog is sloped backwards? So it can keep on breathing without ever letting go ~ Winston Churchill

I've never had a bulldog but have known so many. My friends who have them are totally devoted to the breed.

Angelina's person says...

“Angelina is a great guard dog, strong and brave. She also cuddles, is very loving and her dreamy eyes makes me melt. Angelina loves people, but hates the garbage man every Friday, lol!

When we went to get Angelina, Rocco was available too, so we couldn't resist. I believe it's better to have at least two dogs so they can be dogs, you know what I mean?

They are now both 5-years old. We had a professional trainer for them when they were young so that really helped as they were older. They ARE a handful sometimes. They both sleep with me every night and their snoring is like purring to me.”

My personal observation - A bulldog will do just about anything to get you to laugh!

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