and the winner is...Brinkley!

Yes. My dogs sleep with me. They always have and I’m fairly sure they always will, which is why I created these shampoos and conditioner. Whether you choose to sleep with your dog, or not,


And no surprise to some of us, according to a study at Mayo Clinic, having a dog in your bedroom may actually help you rest easier. From TIME Magazine, Here’s Why Sleeping With Your Dog Is Actually Good For You

Brinkley’s person says, “He is a snuggly, happy, and floppy puppy. (I say floppy because he hasn't quite got all his coordination yet.) He is extremely smart though and already knows how to sit, high five, lay down and sit up on command. He’s a fearless puppy that likes to play - his favorite toy is his stuffed ducky. He does the cuttest thing when you pick him up - he plays the shy card and will puts his head down. He loves it when I give him kisses on his forehead and put my forehead on his. He sleeps on the pillow behind my head with his head resting next to mine - he eventually gets hot and moves his head but that's how he starts to sleep every night - its the sweetest thing :) He's laidback and a really easy puppy - just a lovebug - that means the world to me!!”

And the best part - there is an adorable little bedroom accessory just like Brinkley waiting for you at your local shelter.

Is your best friend our July Cover Dog? To enter, send me a glam-shot of your dog to The winner gets our products and a framed picture of your Cover Dog autographed

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