And the winner is...Elvis!

Having served 7 years as a racing commissioner on the California Horse Racing Board, I have a special appreciation and respect for jockeys. Their athleticism and courage is unmatched and they look after of our beloved horses in every race. Elvis’s person, Jorge shares this happy story of survival...

“In 2016 my girlfriend and I went for a run around 6am when we spotted a Cocker Spaniel running along the river canal. We called him to us but he was scared - we tried to catch him but couldn’t, so we continued with our jog.

Later that day we were driving off the 605 Freeway ramp and we spotted him again. I told my girlfriend that we needed to catch him at all cost because he would very likely get run over by a car. When we finally caught him, he was very skinny and he weighed in at about 10lb.

After exhausting attempts to find his owners we made the decision to keep him and that is the best decision we have ever made. Elvis is now a happy and healthy 25lb Cocker Spaniel."

Thank you Jorge!

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