I love Lucy! A Puppy, a Hurricane and an Angel.

˜ Lucy's soulful eyes have, without doubt, seen their share of suffering.

We don’t know why, but Lucy was found on the side of a road in Houston and taken to a shelter just as Hurricane Harvey struck.

Science confirms Hurricane Harvey was indeed 'Biblical' MIT’s Kerry Emanuel writes in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, “Harvey’s rainfall in Houston was ‘biblical’ in the sense that it likely occurred around once since the Old Testament was written.”

Lucy’s shelter flooded and all the dogs were transported to Atlanta,

and that’s where Lucy met her Angel. I'll let Angelina take it from here...

I walked by the pen that Lucy was in and my first thought was that she was a little bit larger than I wanted.

But as fate would have it, she looked at me and then immediately jumped up wanting me to pick her up. I did and we’ve been inseparable since!

I initially wanted a dog to have as a mood booster for my dad who is battling cancer, but the joy that this little girl has brought into our family is beyond anything I ever dreamed of!

Her demeanor is extremely sweet natured, she loves the outdoors, riding in the car with me, going to the lake and swimming, and playing tug-of-war with her toys. She adores children and she’s very gentle with my dad who has a hard time walking.

Once she was large enough to jump on my bed, she decided that next to me is where she wanted to sleep every night.

So at the end of a long hard day of playing I will look at her and ask her if she’s ready to go night-night and she will get up and go straight back to the bed, jump up in her spot and snuggle herself under the blanket.

She and I have primp day where I give her a bath, file her nails, brush her teeth, and dote on her by brushing her. She will prance around for hours afterward because she know she’s gorgeous. It’s actually kind of cute. Lucy loves getting her baths and I love the products that I bought from you. My dog smells so good I want to eat her up!

I’ve said this before, but she is my little slice of heaven right here on earth! The love you get back from a rescue is immeasurable.

When Lucy turns six months old she will be training to become a service dog. She is so gentle and kind that I think I would like to take her to hospitals and visit the patients, whether they be the elderly or children.

Knowing a little about where she came from, I vowed to make sure that she never has one unhappy day the rest of her life, but I never imagined that the return would be as great as it is!

As far as how I got her name, Lucy just popped in my head, but it fits her personality to a T. She’s a little mischievous but so loving that you can’t help but adore her. I Love Lucy!

I met Angelina and long-limbed Lucy during a store visit to one of my favorite Pet Shops, City Dog Market in Atlanta, Georgia. I was in town for a fundraiser for Fix Georgia Pets - a great organizaiton.

When Angelina told me about Lucy's journey, Angelina teared up, then I teared up, as Lucy just hung limply in Angelina's loving arms, tolerant of our silliness.

Sorry this Cover Dog Blog is so tardy, between Jakes Fun Run on the Beach, The Breeder's Cup, KUSI, The Mighty 1090, The Times of San Diego, CBS8, The DSC Show, 10 News, Fox 5, NBC San Diego, KTLA, KABC, Ranch and Coast Magazine, WildAid Gala and I've just finally had a chance to share this inspiring story of rescue and adoption.

We are donating 100% of all profits from October sales to animal rescue organizations, affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Everyone, please enter your dog for the December issue by posting your favorite picture of your best friend with the hashtag #ITSBATHTIME. The winner gets a 3-pack of our products and a framed, autographed photo of your Cover Dog.

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