And The Cover Dog Winner Is...

I met Calvin last spring at the Beverly Hills Dog Show. Although Calvin is a stunner, it wasn’t in the showing where we first kissed, but in an exhibitor's booth for The Children's Hospital Los Angeles. You see, Calvin is a Therapy Dog and I have a special place in my heart reserved for service dogs.

Calvin is a 2 year old, lovable Golden Retriever who was named after the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. His best friend is an orange kitten named Hobbes/Tiger and Calvin can be found playing and cuddling with his pal.

Calvin is also certified therapy dog who volunteers at Children's Hospital Los Angeles and at Assisted Living Communities. He also works for the P.A.I.R.S. (Pets Assisting In Recovery) Program of Riverside County. Calvin loves spending time and cuddling with the children and seniors he meets. He has brought comfort and smiles to many and recently won the 2017 Pet Hero Award from the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley.

Calvin’s person, Christopher says “Calvin is such a sweet and loving pup and we want to make sure he gets to play as hard as he works.” As you can see from the pictures, Calvin is no stranger to the beach, the mountains and the dog park.

He has trained in Canine Nose Work and will soon begin Agility training but his favorite sport is Dock Diving as he just discovered this summer.

When a child in the hospital pets Calvin and he rests his head in their lap, he eases their pain just as he brings comfort and love to a senior who might be feeling lonely. Sometimes it's the nuzzle from a wet nose that can bring the most comfort to those most in need and Calvin is there to provide his unconditional love.

Calvin had me in his pocket with just one look from his right-out-of-a-Disney-film eyes.

And on those therapy dog visits, Christopher says, “Calvin’s coat is always soft, fluffy and smells great because he uses Bo Derek Pet Care shampoo and conditioner. Thank you, Bo for all you do for all the special dogs like Calvin!”

Thank you Calvin for bringing so much love wherever you go.

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