Skunked! My Sister Kelly's Skunk Kit is a Lifesaver

Whatever you call him, Skunk or Pepé Le Pew or Flower, his scientific name is Mephitis which translates to noxious odor.

After a long day on the set that began at 5 A.M, I spilled into bed about midnight only to awake a few hours later to a California earthquake. Everything was shaking so much I thought, "This is it. This is the big one."

In the pitch dark I went for my go-bag (which is always under my bed) but my half-asleep brain said, "Wait, am I supposed to go stand in a door jam? Or get in the bathtub? I can't remember! And why am I the only one in the house screaming?"

That's when the smell hit me - Skunk.

My 108 pound German Shepherd Cifi had been sprayed directly in the face and he was trying to rub it all off on my bed...I mean leaning into the frame with all his might and scooting the bed - with me on top of it - across the floor.

I was so tired, I just wanted to lock my dog outside, run back in the house, drape myself across my smelly bed and cry.

But Cifi was frantic and in serious distress. Skunk spray acts just like Tear Gas, watery mucous was pouring out of his eyes and nose like a faucet. When he looked at me his expression, without a doubt, cried, "Help Me!"

I tied Cifi to a post outside, grabbed my on-hand gigantic can of tomato juice and doused him with it. The offensive odor only got worse. It turns out that applying tomato juice is just an old wives tale, and for good scientific reason.

Skunk musk contains a revolting sulfer containing chemical called Thiol and another called Thioacetate. Thioacetates become Thiols when they get wet. So applying the tomato juice which has no neutralizing effect whatsoever, only doubled down on the skunk stink. More about the Chemistry of Skunk Spray here:

Here it is! Kelly's miracle De-Skunker

One year Kelly gave her Skunk Kit as a Christmas gift. Everything was measured out in adorable single use containers and assembled in a pretty pitcher to keep under the sink and ready to go. Let me tell you, the next time Cifi got hit (because dogs never learn) I was singing her praises and chanting "Thank you Kelly. Thank you Kelly. Thank you Kelly."

Be sure to print out the directions below and keep them in the pitcher in case you forget.


Put on your rubber gloves.

Wet your dog and apply Dawn Original Scent Dishwashing Liquid. Work into a good lather, being careful not to get the detergent directly in your dog's eyes.

While soapy, sprinkle with lots of Baking Soda until you make a paste and work it into the dog's coat. *

Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes . This is where the dog treats come in.

Rinse well. This is where the pitcher comes in handy, and wash your dog again with My Bo Derek Pet Care Shampoo and My Bo Derek Pet Care Tearless Face Wash. Our patented fragrance really does make all the difference in de-skunking.

Triple rinse and dry your pooch.

Sprinkle again with a little Baking Soda.

Thank you Kelly!

* Some say that adding Hydrogen Peroxide to the initial wash helps but I haven't noticed and It can change the color of your dog's coat.

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