Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them.


So, one day I answered the phone and it was a girlfriend who said, “Bo, with all your friends around the world, don't you know anyone in Dubai? Someone who might be flying from Dubai to LA? Someone wouldn’t mind being a “Flight Buddy” and bring a dog with them as excess baggage? There is a puppy I want to adopt”

Photo credit ASCOD

Her name is Mira.

This request was a new one for me but her timing couldn’t have been better. “Funny you should ask,” I said. “The Dubai World Cup - The World's Richest Horse Race - is in a few weeks, let me make some calls, maybe I do know someone.”

A little back story here. I served as Commissioner and Vice Chair of the California Horse Racing Board for seven years. Appointed by Governor Schwartzenegger, it was an incredible opportunity and honor to work on horse and rider welfare and safety issues from the inside of the industry. I loved learning more about this ancient sport and made great friends who like me…are crazy in-love with horses.

There is this wonderful organization, Arabian Saluki Center Of Dubai: ASCOD that rescues Salukis from all over the United Arab Emirates and finds foster and permanent homes for them. You can read more about them here. Maybe you'll want to help.

What’s a Saluki, you might ask? Such a cool breed that’s been around for at least 5,000 years.

Photo credit animalia-life club

Its a beautiful and graceful dog that might look fragile but the Saluki is an avid hunter and fast!

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The Guinness Book of Records listed a Saluki as being the fastest dog, reaching 42.8 miles per hour. Which puts this pretty puppy right up there with a racehorse.

I wasn’t really surprised that it only took a few calls before my pal Cynthia jumped at the opportunity to help with this adoption and to be Mira’s Flight Buddy. Cynthia just happens to be the girlfriend of Mike Smith, world champion jockey.

They both love all animals and although she and Mike will tell you that it wasn't a bother at all - I contend that it would have been so much easier to pass on this particular act of kindness as Mike was getting ready to ride for the Dubai World Cup's $10 million dollar purse. No pressure there.

Photo credit Eclipse Sportswire

Mike won the race on Arrogate!

Photo credit ASCOD

Cynthia, fairy godmother to our princess Mira, stayed a couple of extra days in Dubai to bring her home.

Mira found the person who needed her most.

She has made herself very comfortable in her forever home.

She has new friends.

Photo credit bo derek pet care

And we all love her!

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