Lights, Camera, Action!

With all the glamour, glitz and pageantry that you would expect from a Hollywood event, the Beverly Hills Dog Show featured over 1,000 dogs from more than 150 breeds, all competing for the Oscar of the dog world: Best in Show Trophy.

Very fitting I think, that we launched Bo Derek Pet Care at the posh Beverly Hills Dog Show. The Kennel Club of Beverly Hills gave us a prime spot right next to the show rings to set up our sales booth...we were excited and a bit nervous to show off our new products to the elite of the pedigreed dog breeders.

Super Stager, brother in-law Philip created our sharp looking booth and we were officially Open For Business!

Photo by Richard Vogel

Make no mistake - these canines are the supermodels of the dog world and much beautifying goes into getting them ready for the catwalk.

Photo by Francine Orr /LA Times

Always on the lookout for beauty tips, we learned some new ways to keep the hair out of our face...

Photo by Francine Orr /LA Times

or cocktails until showtime.

And here is an exclusive behind the scenes peek as the contestants make their way to the show ring. All day very serious folk would woosh by carrying their show pups.

To our great relief, our Products were a big hit with the contestants.

Photo by Francine Orr /LA Times

New customers, Bodie, Stinker and Dolly stopped by the booth for some of our shampoo with uv brighteners.

And here’s our new Chinese Crested Dog customer who’s tresses will certainly benefit from our conditioner with exotic botanicals like MeadowFoam Seed oil, Coconut, Algae and Vitamin B5.

Would you look at the Princess that rode up to the booth and picked up some beauty supplies to keep her bouffant at just the right height? She's lovely in that silver ruffled cape, but check out her other outfits hanging on the handlebar. She’s obviously prone to whims.

This handler’s choice of outfit to match her Harlequin Great Dane is a nice touch - don’t you agree?

And then the stars came out at night to see who would win the big finale - Best in Show. Seven Best in Group strut their stuff to compete for the crown.

Lisa Vanderpump was there to hand out the championship trophy. I was so happy to meet her and Ken and one of my favorites, Giggy! Lisa has a wonderful foundation to help rescue dogs in need. You can learn more here.

The Big Show showed!

There’s something wonderful that happens when a sweet little King Charles Spaniel Dog turns the the pound-for-pound World's Largest Athlete, a feared competitor who can intimidate a WWE opponent with his size and stare alone…

into a big mush ball.

My German Shepherd and Personal Protection Dog Chico made his first appearance on the red carpet...

where my pals from horseracing, Tara Lipinsky and Johnny Wier made a big fuss over him.

Johnny even compared Chico to Rin Tin Tin! I see the resemblance.

Chico was such a natural on the red carpet, a USA Network producer even asked if he wouldn't mind posing with other celebrities.

Here he is with the lovely Jennifer Marsala from one of our favorite TV Shows, Taken.

Fresh off a winning ride at Santa Anita Racetrack , Hall of Fame Jockey Victor Espinoza with a beautiful Doberman Pincer and my pick for Best in Show.

More than a Beauty Contest

Lucky for this Miss Universe contestant, she’s not a dog. Like a dog show, she is judged for confirmation and all standards of human beauty. As you can see, she has all that in spades but all she has to do is walk the runway and look beautiful.

In a dog show, the contestants are judged to be the idealized version of its breed. The judge will use her hands to inspect the dog's body, including its bones, muscles, alignment of the bite and yes…the genitals.

I make fun but it is serious. The winners of dog shows become the breeders of the next generation of purebred registered dogs.

I am aware there are some who believe we should only adopt our pets from shelters and do away with purebred dogs altogether but consider: one of the most common reasons for dogs ending up in shelters is because of behavior problems and the dog being incompatible with the lifestyle and habits of the home.

Matching a family with purebred dog from a responsible breeder with the predictable traits that dog will inherit, might be the key to a successful forever-home.

I have rescues and purebred dogs and I say, Love is Love.

Bo Derek Pet Care is a family and friends run company and we had such a good time at the Beverly Hills Dog Show. We all did some serious fantasy dog shopping, walking from show ring to show ring, imagining what it would be like to bring this one or that one home.

Whether you buy or adopt - a purebred or mixed breed, a dog show it a great place to learn about all types of dogs. I find dog people are passionate and happy to share their knowledge about their dog’s history and personality traits.

My favorite part of the whole event was making some new dog-crazy friends.

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